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Fernando Gil

The gentleman of popular music

​Networks and platforms: @fernandogiloficial

Fernando Gil, born in Tuluá, Valle del Cauca, Colombia on September 23.  He is a Colombian singer-songwriter and composer, his musical genres are Colombian popular music, where some of his songs have been fused with bachata, ranchera, banda and Mexican cumbia.

His story

Known as Fernando Gil, the gentleman of popular music was born in Tuluá, Valle del Cauca, but comes from an Antioqueña family. Between beans and sancocho and with the well-planted roots of two regions that are historically pioneers in country music and that we know today as popular, he had little to do to grow in him the passion for a stage and the desire to sing to all the one who, like him, gets excited and enjoys this genre.

From a humble family, but with strong and deep-rooted values, Fernando Gil learned to work, at just eight years old he was already supporting the livelihood of his family.  In his adolescence the lucky day came for him because the gentleman of popular music won a fifth of the lottery that he sold in bars and canteens where he sang for a few pesos.  Fernando spent many years preparing for the time to start his artistic life in earnest and from meeting to meeting, and step by step, he was forging what he is living today.

Musical career

the beginning

And what for many years was just a dream for Fernando Gil, one sunny afternoon in September 2012 in the studio of the founder of Los Gigantes del Vallenato, Fernando receives what would be his first letter from Iván Calderón himself._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Yes! Until then it had ceased to be a dream; Only a couple of weeks were enough to present his first song "A Cambio de Nada" to the different media, and it quickly began to play on different stations in Colombia; His video reached a million views in a few months, positioning Fernando Gil as the revelation artist of the popular genre of that same year.

In 2013, Fernando Gil recorded his single "My way", a song authored by Arelys Henao, the queen of popular music, and by the hand of maestro Iván Calderón, he presents his first record album called: EL CABALLERO DE LA MÚSICA POPULAR. to begin adding professional triumphs in his young, but prominent musical career. This album with the Discos Fuentes label has a compilation of 12 great hits such as: "in exchange for nothing", "there is no more", "my way", "fly fly", "I already forgot you, unconditional" , “it hurts, it hurts”, “you are not mine”, “love without bars”, “get out of here”, “it kills me”, “my mother”.

Fernando Gil stands out in the popular music genre for his commitment and discipline, in addition to the good taste that characterizes him in all his lyrics and presentations. For the year 2014, Fernando Gil is the guest of honor to accompany all Colombians living in the Asian continent on the occasion of the national celebration of July 20.  The popular music singer was bringing joy to the city of Yiwu in Asia, good music and an excellent show.

Musical consolidation   

The gentleman of popular music surprised in 2015 with his first unpublished song "Como dices tú", a song that shows a new facet of the artist as a composer and his most sensitive and romantic side.

Hand in hand with the great Kike Santander, Fernando Gil presented his record work: LA HISTORIA with 14 musical hits; among which it stands out that seven of them are authored by him, five belong to the authorship of Kike Santander who is also the producer of the album, one more to the composer Horacio Palencia and a cover by Prince Royce; which shows that this second musical album is a well-thought-out work by the artist, which has been produced, recorded and mastered with the highest quality standards that are beginning to be imposed in popular music.

For that same year 2016, Fernando Gil presented to his followers the song of his authorship "Mi amante", the music video was recorded in the city of Pereira, Colombia. 

In January 2017, for the first time Fernando Gil sang a duet with an international artist who opened the doors for him in Mexican territory; This is how he unites his voice with the Mexican artist Roberto Junior, winner of the Billboard Awards and together they presented their new musical single, “Perdí”, for Latin America, a song that premiered simultaneously in Mexico, Colombia and the United States.

2018 was the perfect opportunity to get rid of the thorn, because life takes its toll sooner or later and the gentleman of popular music said to that woman who betrayed his heart "I already forgot you, I already got you out, now I smell like a burnt piece the perfume of your skin..." and he even found a replacement.  The new musical release "Cacho Quemado" smells of success and as the gentleman repeats, this beautiful song is a composition by Fernando Gil.

"Quiero Decirte" authored by the artist, premiered in September 2018 and is the song in which, due to its lyrics and interpretation, Fernando Gil delivers his soul.  A beautiful melody that can be dedicated to that Being loved represented by a father, a son, a brother, a partner or even a great friend.  Quiero Decirte becomes a hymn to love and reconciliation.

And as the gentleman expresses "God has always been generous with me, I honor him with my music because I am a lucky man", the musical blessings for this great artist do not cease and Fernando Gil was invited by one of the most important groups in Mexico DIABLOS LOCOS , who after more than 25 years of experience have marked a milestone in regional music and Mexican cumbia to interpret with them "Mejor que él", a beautiful melody by the renowned Peruvian composer Carlos Enrique Rincón Ruíz, who has achieved various achievements of international stature . "Mejor que él" is a fusion of Mexican and popular Colombian cumbia, integrates native rhythms from both regions and has been carefully recorded in studios in Mexico and Colombia to deliver the quality that has always characterized the artist to fans.


tributes in life

In the month of February of the year 2020, Fernando Gil launches his musical proposal making a dream come true by singing with his friend of more than 20 years, Alex Manga, an important and renowned Colombian interpreter of the vallenato genre and who was his musical idol in his adolescence. ; together they performed the song “Me vas a matar”, authored by the gentleman of popular music.  A popular song with airs and native notes of vallenato folklore that lovers of both genres fall in love with.

And for the month of March of the same year, after the Covid-19 pandemic and in mandatory isolation, Fernando Gil took the opportunity to work on an album that he had always dreamed of and that compiles the songs with which the artist grew up and started. in music.  The musical work POR AMOR A MÉXICO was born as a sign of gratitude for the welcome, love and support that this homeland has meant in his life and the musical legacy that unites him with it.  

recovering the roots

Fernando Gil meets the great artist José Barete from the original group Miramar from Oaxaca, Mexico, who in many countries had been presumed dead and with this false news his music had also disappeared; but, when the gentleman of popular music discovered that this great artist was more alive than ever and with his voice and talent intact, they came together to record the unforgettable hits of the 70s "A tear and a memory", "That immense love" and “Fatal poverty”.  Songs that were released in the month of January and May of the year 2021 and that quickly occupied the first places in Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica and Central America; In addition, the great news that positively impacted the media and followers who could not believe the resurrection of this great artist.

For the month of August 2021, Fernando Gil invites the great romantic music maestro Alci Acosta who, turning 56 years of musical career, agrees to interpret a new version of his hit "I will not give up" alongside the gentleman of popular music .

In this way, the fourth musical album of the artist whom he calledFROM MY PERSONAL COLLECTION,and compiles the songs that Fernando Gil keeps in a privileged place in his heart for the memories they bring to his memory and the new songs he wrote with which he continues to pay tribute to life and love.

Fernando Gil is always innovating in music, daring to merge rhythms and sounds without jeopardizing the quality of his works and showing the best level of Colombian popular music in his land and in the whole world.


Awards and nominations

  • October 2014, Recognition Mi Gente Tv, In the city of Bogotá, this month of October the recognition of Colombian music artists will take place with the already institutionalized Mi Gente Tv Awards, and as expected Fernando Gil, the Knight of popular music will be present, where we also found out that he has two nominations in the categories of popular music revelation artist and best artist directory, either for Valle del Cauca.

  • April 2016, Impacto Magazine Recognition, in the city of Medellín and after a small ceremony, the artists of the moment were honored on the third anniversary of the magazine. Fernando Gil was highlighted in the genre as the new voice of popular music.

  • November 2017, Mi Gente Tv Awards, for the second time Fernando Gil is representing popular music in the best artist directory category.

  • August, 2018, Gaviota Internacional de México Recognition, for his contribution to the sister country as a pioneer in Colombian popular music in the Aztec country.

  • April, 2019, nominated in the category of best artist and popular song with Quiero Decirte for the Mi Gente Tv awards.

  • September 2019, nominated for best Colombian artist for Mara Internacional.

  • November 30, 2022, Monitor Music Awards recognition for Musical Perseverance and a Decade of Work in the Industry delivered in Miami, Florida at Hard Rock Live Hollywood.

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